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Katja Bjørn

Piss Off 2014

Single-channel, 10:30 min, with sound.

Piss Off is a video installation exploring the category of gender in an intuitive and body-centered fashion, leaving behind the inherited truths about gender as a culturally and individually malleable category. An underdressed woman in a snowy landscape is building a nest of snowballs and scenting it with her own urine. A male invader enters the scene from behind, and a strange snowball fight takes place. The woman fights back the attacker but trips over her fragile home. On the ground she makes snow angel movements, now on top of a disturbingly yellow surface. Bjørn thus reinscribes the role of bodily functions, fluids and dispositions in the category of gendered existence, not as a political statement, but as a very human interest in the physical, the chemical and the elemental.