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Katja Bjørn

The Pleasure of Envy 2017

Double-channel videoinstallation, 55 min, without sound.

The Pleasure of Envy consist of two screens lowered in the ground, creating an illusion of two enclosed spaces connected by a small opening. In one room is a woman, in the other a man. They can’t see each other however they feel the other persons presence fighting each other in a tug of war. Both entangled in and pulling a green robe in a hard and brutal, other times sensual and fond manner, the act reflects on envies interpersonal character. The two people are apart, however connected; imprisoned, isolated, lonely, sometimes nearly desperate. Their gravelike spaces symbolize envies crampedness, its strangling apathy, but also the fragile relationship it mediates – not necessarily being devastating, however being bearable it must be balanced in a two-way and tightening manner, just like the robe.

The Pleasure of Envy and Envy My Beloved are Katja Bjørns contributions to The Seven Deathly Sins, a row of exhibitions made in collaboration between different art museums and European Culture Capital 2017. Both works explore the character of envy and makes an issue of its undefinable nagger and the inner pain it causes; its introversion, its gesture and its undeniable strength occupying or defining the relation between close friends or family.