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Katja Bjørn


Involved 2017

Six-channel video installation, 29:38 min, with sound 
Sound by Nicolas Vetterli 

Involved is a video projected onto six monumental pillars standing next to each other in a row. In the video a group of naked people are moving around big, heavy sculptural objects in a dark room. The movements are disheartened and slow, glimpses of torch light exposing the bodies and casting shadows across the room. It is evidently physically hard work moving the objects around, and the people are constantly in motion. However, it is not apparent what the objects are made of, what their functions are or why they need to shift places. Instead the work interprets life as a movement, not from A to B, but as a continuous play and modeling of our being in the world. Involved emphasized this interaction, the beauty of these peculiar actions: to move oneself and to move something, with or without purpose, has an innate value and its own perceivable aesthetic. It is about being in motion and taking action according to what seams necessary and meaningful in the moment – even though it is laborious. At the same time, it is the everyday pushing and twisting, the nature of life as motion, that is given shape. It is not about clearing the way for oneself. There is no specific goal. Involved presents moving as beautiful despite these elements and life as residing in the trembling movement.