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Katja Bjørn


New Human 2018

Double-channel video installation, 5:18 min loop, with sound
Sound by Nicolas Vetterli 

From two different perspectives the video projections depict a body moving in different positions. The body is a collage of two different genders, a man and a woman, artificially combined along their vertical axis. Creating an illusion of a seamless body the work reflects on the human body as a bounded and permeable entity. The expected contrast between black and white unfolds in endless nuances of grey. Like the contrast between man and woman, the contrast between movement and standstill, between the new and eternity. New Human is both subtle and sublime, the soundtrack dark and monotone, the picture simple and placid. However, conflict is lurking. The size and strength of the collaged body is apparent imagining if it stands up, if it opens. The viewer is aware of the man and woman mutually constituting the other side of one another – and the fact that they don’t rest in each other. Here the sublime is evoked, not through abstract beauty, but through the body – as a sensual tension between repulsion and attraction; as a representation of the impossible; and as a sense of the sculptural given by the black/white coloring adding to the impression of the body as a smooth, light and cold marble surface.

Exhibited as part of the exhibition VIDEO VIDEO at Ringsted Galleriet.