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Katja Bjørn


A Ride on the River 2019

14-channel video installation, 29:20 min loop, with sound
Sound by Nicolas Vetterli

On the exhibition floor sixteen video projectors lighten up a flowing river, carrying down different objects. Under the surface are glimpses of signs and symbols, bodies, empty boats and oars flowing by. Revealing the dialectic tension between being dry and wet, between shallow and deep water, the river flows by endlessly initiating deep waters as well as exposing the concrete floor beneath the surface of immaterial light. It is not the river that one can bathe in more than once, but the river of life representing the world in the current process of creation. A Ride on the River is an image of life taking us to different places; the possibility of trusting our decisions, the paths we follow from the rhythm of everyday life to unforeseen surprises and insurmountable repetitions.

Installation view from the solo show A Ride on The River at Viborg Kunsthal.