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Katja Bjørn


The Source 2014

Five-channel video installation, 25:25 min, with sound
Sound by Nicolas Vetterli

“[In The Source ] we find ourselves in a desolate Icelandic lava field, where two groups of women – one wearing Western black clothing, the other covered in Muslim chadors – approach each other from opposite sides of a steaming volcanic spring. After the groups have regarded each other carefully, the Western-looking women undress and descend, naked, into the hot spring, after which the Muslim group follows suit, albeit still suitably modest in their underwear. The sharing of the new warm element, water, seems to catalyse an almost erotic rapprochement where the women wash and caress each other before finally walking away as a single group, together.”

From the article Oceanic Television. On Nature, Bodies and Media in Katja Bjørn (2023) by Jacob Wamberg

Solo show at Charlotte Fogh Gallery in 2014.